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With QR code control it is possible to give the user of a Casambi system access only to a specific luminaire, group, scene. He can scan the QR code to access a web page that can currently be used to change the level or level + color temperature or level and RGBW.

So no need to share Casambi password , or work with buttons on site. A simple scan of the printed code is enough.

We can customize the layout according to the customer's requirements. Also functions can be added if needed.

The interfaces are available as OpenSource, so that an experienced customer can adapt them independently or provide them on his own hardware. This allows him to adapt the software to his own security needs.

If you have any questions, we are of course available for support at any time.

- Requires an XAMPP Installation
- Codes/Actions are stored in SQL Database
- Can use multiple network interfaces
- QR-Code only shows an random alphanumeric value
- Scalable on customers own Hardware
- QR-Code Generation / Print is integrated in the website
- Works localy with ouer Lithernet Casambi Gateway
- Software is OpenSorce

ESP32 Webserver
- Can be used on an ESP32 with 16MB Flash and PSRAM
- Action is stored in the QR-Code
- QR-Code is generated externaly
- a little bit less secure then the XAMPP version
- Works localy with ouer Lithernet Casambi Gateway
- Software is OpenSource

QR-Code Print
- Print QR-Codes for the ESP32 Version
- Software is OpenSorce